I want to walk …



I want to walk along the sea, because the breeze makes me feel good without asking me ‘WHY’.

Do you know when the man is absolutely helpless? When he does not understand if he is helpless or not. If he did understand, he would help himself immediately, somehow.

Everything you do is questionable. From doing favors to receiving them, from starting your day to ending it. Even your basic needs are answers- Why do you sleep? Because you need rest. Why do you eat? Because you need nutrition. You don’t believe me? I know it.

Go try freaking out once. Stand infront of the mirror, talk to yourself. I know it will be wtf situation, but do it. Everytime that you have said ‘i don’t have an answer’, will sound like lie.

Only, the givings and takings of nature cannot be questioned. Oh hell yeah, it is all environment thing, but seriously, you think. Baah!

When we receive something without being asked for anything in return, the essence of it is an unparallel pleasure. That is WOW! Again, the basic nature of mankind- take advantage. That is all we do.

I still want to take a walk along the sea, only when the breeze is caressing me. Selfish me!