Jurassic World 3D Movie Review


Isn’t your expectation exceptionally high when you are all set to watch one of the favourite movies from your childhood. Jurassic World, and that too in 3D was supposed to bring back all those dinosaurs scares from 20 years ago. Considering, you are so much older, there is different perception to it and the superlative enhancement in presentation and  editing of a movie, the ‘looking forward to’ graph just keeps rising.

The movie has amazing effects, especially the Jurassic World island is beautiful. The park makes you want to give it a visit from the very first air view of it. The dinosaurs look gigantic, the rides in the park seem to be a lot of fun for kids, and the owner Mr. Irrfan Khan does not look like one. He could have been made a little more lavish.

The kids will grow up to be good actors. Honestly, Miss Potts looks great with the Iron Man, she did not fit the  profile of mother of 2. Chris Pratt (Owen) has definitely done a good job as the lead. However, the best actor in the movie is the Raptor BLUE. His sense of being related to Owen has been explicitly displayed.

Now, obviously bringing the sibling on to fight with the Indominus Rex as the surprise element did not seem like a great idea. The motive behind the damaged sibling was revenge, but somehow I have feeling the idea to save the people by letting the two dinosaurs fight has been extracted from Godzilla. The movie conclusion was very much deciphered once Claire, the sophisticatedly organized women who was deprived of control executing dialogues even after being the captain of the ship, lit the torch.

The movie deserved more innovation with the dinosaurs. Yes, it was very important to keep the basic factors intact, but there could be so much more. Provided the producers are saving it for the next release ass they showed interesting mini dinos in the lab, it is fair to say there was enough. The best section of the movie is when the Raptors follow the scent of the huge Rex and the Squad led by Owen runs along with them.

I would rate the movie 3.5 on 5, but I did wish to give it a 4.5, but no. The movie is a good one time watch if you are a big fan of Fantasy and like to go wow on animated and artificial landscapes. The kids out there, should definitely get an experience of the extinct creatures trough this film. Definitely 5/5 for the raptors!


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