So what if we lost…


Here is a toast,
To the team which bleeds blue,
So what if we lost,
To the team which played better,
Ain’t that true.

You went out there with a plan, a plan to beat anyone who stood in your way to becoming undefeated champions of the world. You took each man down, raised the standards of victory, breaking records, creating new records and still stomping over every obstacle, winning and winning. We won again and again. Staying away from the ones you love, months on, keeping cool, because you know the country is waiting for another victory.

Here is a toast,
To the team which uprooted more than 77 men,
So what if we lost,
To the team which will soon be playing as friends.

It is time to come home, we are waiting and we are proud. You did well, set examples and controlled the games. They feared you, every one of them. Your bets were high, faith was too much, you asked us to expect a little more than usual, it was only fair that you give your best.

Here is a toast,
To the game called Cricket,
So what if we lost,
We were playing for Cricket.

Captain, please go see your daughter, celebrate her, call her name out a million times, there is no other joy greater than this. Openers, go take step back, relax, play free. You like to play in the middle, smile a little less, there is pressure, so much of it, but now smile your way to the last man, sleep till you wake up with an empty mind. It has been a few tough months, long and tiring, daily practices and tight schedules, facing cameras and demanding questions and even more demanding fans. Well, get out of here and face the mirror, see how much damage you’ve caused around the world blasting runs all around the damn field(s). Look back, your terror will make you smile.

Here is a toast,
To the greatness you’ve shown,
So what if we lost,
Another match and see we’ve grown.

Been such a powerplay, reviewing your goods and bads, decisions that made the difference, sledging up the ladder, pitching high and low, catching the rays from the floods, diving deep into the turf, hugging the dismissals out, and yet shouting out loud. You bowled like bullets, slow down a little, the runups were long, uprooting the stumps was not so easy, it looks so when there a screen in between.

Here is a toast,
To the will you held,
So what if we lost,
Share your fear, go on, tell.

Here is a toast,
Not to a team that lost, but just did not win,
So what if we lost,
We just have a victory less, and a team that will get it back.


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