The November Note, by Sanchit – Prateek


PepperScript is committed to bringing fresher perspectives, and The November Note is one such book that will open your hearts to brighter and more complicated life, where love and friendship mean so much more than just abstracts.


The November Note


The November Note

In a known place, techie and funny, they were being played with, tossed during the days, huddled during the nights, stomach full of complaints, and souls earnestly desiring to make the imperfect alright.


Two boys, minds so unlike, but there is something that ties. Midhansh and Sidhesh are busy crossing the labyrinth of engineering, young doers, believers of fate, or maybe not, dependent on luck and crazy lover boys. Their past comes back to them in the most unforeseen ways, with intentions so unsought.


What different will November offer? Are mere notes made up of meaningless facts or is some sort of philosophy supposed to decide how one has to feel? Is there a better explanation to revenge?


The November Note” is a tale about friendship, emotions, and true love. T&C apply*


*Don’t wait for November



A no frill read that puts emotion back in bachelorhood. – HT City