What should I say…


“No, you got to listen to me. I am not here to fill your mug of coffee, make you a damn sandwich, remind you to take your pills or even to say goodbye or goodnight. I am not here to let you know how much people hate you for what you are, for who you are or for even the nobody that you are. I will not trash my energy and dump my words in a shit hole full of you. And I do not expect you to justify anything that you have done or you will be doing. I do not care about the life you have lived or will live. It really does not matter whether you breathe properly or not till your last breath or you die due to Aids or Cancer. I never wished to see your face, I never wish to see it either, I do not intend to help you walk till the bathroom, or even pass you your reading glasses. You can drink water, you can fall asleep, you can stare at the wall hangings, you can dress-undress yourself, you can talk to your bloody bird friends, you can almost do everything that is almost necessary. You do not need me.”
“Then what are you here for, son?”
“I am here…because…you’re my father…I hate to do all this but I love you…and then…What more should I say…”

In life, many times you find yourself standing in front of a mirror which really does not show you to yourself, it just deciphers the coded self of you. It is important to face such one self and simultaneously realize what is it that one should say. Generally thinking wisely before speaking helps, and atop all, just speaking what you want to helps even more.

Good Day! Keep Smiling!